Sunday, April 27, 2014

summer night and city light

Introducing you all to my new fav shoes! I fell in love with this cutie since the first time I laid my eyes upon em! Not only cute looking, these shoes are made for walkin! definitely made with a very detailed stitching and qualified materials! ANDDDD... Guess what? it comes from a talented local designer too, Zappier Leather based on Surabaya *insert proud smiling face*
You can purchase them online here! or simply stalk their collections on instagram @zappierleather

This post is especially dedicated to young and talented local designers!
It's so exciting watching how the fashion industry has grown undeniably creative in our beloved country,
Local brands are getting irresistible and surely come with different characteristic based on the
designers. And yes, when it comes to supporting local brand, I'm 100% in!
So, fyi, in this post I almost go all local... (almost) still craving to purchase some more from Indonesia's talented designers though. 

Top - Nikicio
Furry cardigan - The editor's market
Rucksack - Nasty Gal
Shoes - Zappier Leather
Brooch - Argyle and Oxford
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Accs - Milk and Happiness

Extra selfie! hello readers from me and my beloved fellas!;)
See you on my next post.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

burberry spring/summer 2014 review

Woahh! I'm super-hyper-mega excited to write this review! I'm so head over heels in love with the colour palette of each outfit and also the crazy details! like if they were cakes, they look too pretty to even take a bite of it. Geez! I think I just went crazy the minute I laid my eyes upon their rtw collections since I have this weird addiction of pastel colours.
Do you girls just love pastel colours? I love the way they give you an instant girly, feminine look (not that too over girly tacky barbie-ish looking outfit though).

Just when I think I couldn't be more in love with the yummy colour palette, the details get me even crazier.
The embellishment, the choices of various fabric from organza, lace and latex, they're just a pure masterpiece. I think it's not too much to describe burberry's collection with the word "perfect", right?

hope you get inspired and be crazily in love with them as I do!

images from pop bee, various sources

Sunday, January 26, 2014

midi is the new mini!

Yay to a new post. Like there's literally an euphoria inside my little heart when I get to talk to you readers and sharing a new post.
Loving what you do is one of many best things in life.
Sort of abusing the presence of my dearest photographer friend back in town these past few days so I could finally manage to post a bit frequent, hahaha.

I realized that I rarely post smiling poses rite. So here it is. Please don't stare, scroll on.... lol

Hate how the colour of the skirt and the shoes turned out to be slightly different on the screen :( it's actually fuschia in real life. Anyway, I've been so addicted to this mid length skirt and I decided to collect more colours, so you'd frequently see me wearing this mid length skirt on future posts (maybe?)
I can't help it. I love the feeling when I wear them. So comfortable and at the same time very versatile for any occasion. Guess you girls should start wearing them! Midi is the new mini, am I right or am I right?

Oh, oh, introducing you all to my happy pills! here they are!!!<33 
I never appreciated them virtually so this is the perfect time to let them know they're just so precious to me! Kind of a very crucial part of my life... :)
Just an advice for you all my dearest readers, when you grow up, it's way more important to find few people whom you can certainly count on rather than to be friend with so many people but you can't find the ones you can actually count on through thick and thin. 
But, definitely you have to go through some processes of life that will reveal who's gonna stay true to you even in your lowest point. Glad that I've found mine!

a dramatic see-you-on-the-next-post pose!;D
sweater - dress me up
skirt - tailored
clutch - kate spade
ring - diy
shoes - valentino

credits to the awesomest photographer friend, daniel harsono.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Stacking black over black and the best way to make it look less boring is to take it to higher level,
so I decided to double the same kind of sheer fabric (yes, this is not a dress) and vivid color palette for the accessories.
What would you mix with your all black outfit?

at last... I'm smiling to those haters who surprisingly turn out to be my faithful reader. I'm saying hi to you and... I love you too! :)

skirt - poise24
bag - michael kors
necklace - ADR x H&M
belt - zara
earring - zara
shoes - zara
ring - house of harlow

Friday, December 6, 2013

going 90's

Got a little spare time before class started earlier today. 
Took a ten minute-ish shoot with my classmate.

Pardon my messy hair! The wind totally raped my hair. At least, I could finally manage to post! Decided to wear a 90's girly grunge look here since everyone seems to be totally obsessed with plaid prints, including me.

Hope you'll all get inspired! See you on my next post.
top, skirt, leather cap - dress me up
rucksack - nasty gal
boots - june & julia

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Accidentally found this beautiful alley nearby my house. And decided to post a little not so halloween costume shot. Sorry for the long hiatus guys, it's kinda hard to take a proper outfit pics since most of my friends are studying aboard :( left alone with my lonely little blog here! At least I got a little help from my dear friend today to take a quick pic.
Decided to don a cowboy inspired outfit mixing up a little bit with a bohemian touch cause it was all I could find from my closet /hahaha I'm such a lousy blogger, I know.
Enough with the complaining, what will you guys wear for halloween? you tell me, hehe!

dungarees - stradivarius
boho crop top - dress me up
necklace - zara
boots - new look
bag - vintage louis vuitton

Have a happy halloween you guys and wear your best costume!